What You and Your Partner Will Learn

We provide tools that become lasting resources to foster love, happiness, pleasure and fulfillment 

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Focuses on practical, usable skills that help couples, singles and families

  • Connect heart to heart
  • Experience the transformative power of empathy, mutual respect and compassion
  • Express, listen to and understand emotions
  • Create a shared environment of emotional openness and honesty
  • Reveal hidden expectations to avoid assumptions and misunderstandings
  • Resolve conflict constructively, and
  • Bond through emotional openness and physical closeness


What Our Clients Have Experienced:

  • Restored, renewed, and revitalized relationships
  • Higher levels of relationship satisfaction
  • Reduced symptoms of distress and anxiety
  • Greater commitment to a shared vision of healthy relationships, and
  • Increased resilience built on improved quality of marriages, families and relationships