Couples/Relationship Therapy


We work with ALL couples.


The session will be about:

  • Redefining Your Relationship
  • Promoting Effective Communication
  • Strengthening Your Connection  
  • Confiding Intimately
  • Safely Rekindling Commitment and Trust  

Work As A Couple, Redefine Relationships, and Build Effective Communication

You and your partner will be working with two therapists at the same time - yes, a very unique approach to couples work. 

Sessions are tailored to your needs.  They will be filled with experiential learning with the goal of transforming your understanding of the keys to a healthy relationship. You will also explore and experience emotional and empathic communication in depth as foundations for well being and personal development. 

Learn the PAIRS Essential Skills, (Practical Application Intimate Relationship Skills) - skills that are evidenced-based and backed with over 25 years of research.  You will also learn several techniques, theories, and tools for successful relationships - practical skills to help foster love, happiness, pleasure and fulfillment.